The night was young,
And the stars were bright,
The shallow darkness on the ground beneath,
I waited for her to return to me.

To the places, she had gone,
To the shadows of the dawn,
We have come so far away,
Was it hatred that won?

Walking across the road,
Holding hands together,
Laughing at every step of life,
Thinking we could be together, forever.

The calmness turned loud,
Flashes and sirens around,
Chaos and people on the street,
She got lost in the crowd.

I see the mirror, her reflection was pure,
Shining bright like the sun,
Didn’t hold for long,
Shattered with the sound of the gun.

Now I look back in time,
Wish that evening had never come,
Souls died, love lost,
Was it hatred that won?

(Image courtesy : http://www.news.com.au/)


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