Perfect Strangers

Remember the good times we had,

All the happiness we shared,

In the darkness, finding a reason,

For all that we cared.


37 days ago the journey began,

Laughing and hitting off like known,

Took time to realise its red,

While sharing an ice-cream cone.


Late night talks like all the time in the world,

Conversations like the flowing water,

It was all dreamy, dreamy as it could be,

The presence of you made things brighter.


Watching you cross that intersection,

Running towards a red sedan,

The way he kissed you, not pleasant to the eyes,

Never imagined it as a part of your plan.


The loud laughs, the amazing walks have long since passed,

It’s ironic we used to be together,

Breaking apart slowly, piece by piece every day,

Emotions flew away like a soft white feather.


Back to the place where it all started,

The same feeling as before, a sense of danger,

Wish it was not how it ended,

Should have remained perfect strangers.

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9 thoughts on “Perfect Strangers

  1. Wow..loveddd it should write more often.. I am going to steal some lines from your blog…❀😊

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