This isn’t just a regular about me…

You’ll find Random Ramblings here straight from my heart. I write poems sometimes, but when I do, I usually finish within 30 minutes.

I have always been interested in Food & Travel, thus you’ll find food reviews from across restaurants in various Indian Cities, mostly Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida.

Travel is something almost every one wants to have as part of their life. I am part of that pack. Though haven’t traveled a lot, but still managed to cover a couple of places in India and parts of 3 other countries – USA, UK & China.

Go on, read the penned thoughts, the reviews, the experiences. Would love to know how you feel about ’em.

About me?

Brand Marketer. Experimental Foodie. Scotch lover. Iron Maiden preacher. Random Photography. Federer. ChelseaFC.

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